SKOGG System

Michael Skogg is CNMT (Certified Neuro Muscular Therapist), CPT (Certified Personal Trainer), CHEK (CHEK Institute Graduate I & II), AKC (American Kettlebell Club Certified).

Michael is a world-renowned kettlebell coach and educator; a leader in the fitness industry since the 1990s. Stationed in Scotland while serving in the US military, Michael was introduced to kettlebells by Highland games competitors. He instantly saw the superiority of this full-body training, and has continued to share his knowledge and experience with a vast array of clients over the years.
He owned and operated a successful rehabilitation and conditioning center specializing in sports injury rehabilitation and corrective exercise. His unique approach to strength and conditioning attracted not only professional athletes but also the occasional workout enthusiasts.
Because of his background in injury and rehabilitation, Michael's approach to kettlebell training emphasizes converting vulnerabilities into strengths, bringing out the full potential of every part of the body. His clients have achieved strength and mobility from injuries they were told they would otherwise never have fully recovered from.

Michael has endorsed several products by Weider Fitness and was their national kettelbell trainer, featured in four of their instructional workout DVDs.
Today, Michael enthusiastically shares the benefits of his kettlebell workouts at his gym in Portland, Oregon. He is excited to make the SKOGG System available to everyone, with the release of the first in a series of DVDs.